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Trainers: Rob Coburn 2018-02-05T23:09:10+00:00


I entered the fitness world through personal training. I am a thirteen-year veteran of the United States military and after many crazy years of training and deployments I found myself at very poor health. My nutrition had never been close to adequate and my time in the gym was very scarce. At a specific point in my late twenties I found myself in need of stimulation, so I found the nearest gym and promptly hired a personal trainer. I was astounded at how far off the beaten path I was, having spent countless hours trying to “study” online training programs, to no avail. I have spent the last three years striving to not only better my physique as a bodybuilder but to also optimize my personal health and growth. I began my career as the Training Director of Amped Fitness a few months after becoming a training client of the gym. My passion for learning and my drive to succeed have carried me further than I had initially imagined. I find that I can learn something new and exciting every day. I am absolutely intrigued with the differences in each client and how they respond to correct nutrition and activity. I do my best to take a straightforward approach with potential clients. My specific area of focus is to determine the correct training program for each client given their goals, motivation and limitations. I know that behind each face I meet, is a budding success story waiting to be written!

My preferred training style is strength and hypertrophy.