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Trainers: Courtney Condon 2017-12-16T00:09:52+00:00


As a life-long athlete, I have always had a passion for health and fitness. While starting my Bachelor of Sciences in Health Sciences Pre-Clinical at the University of Central Florida in 2013, I began taking an interest in strength training and loved the effects it had on both my mental and physical health. Between pushing myself through my own fitness journey and learning everything I could about proper human nutrition, movement, anatomy and physiology, I felt the desire to share my knowledge with others. I became a certified personal trainer because I want to help individuals become the best, strongest and healthiest version of themselves! I am also a certified Corrective Exercise Specialist and Fitness Nutrition Specialist. Experiencing several injuries as an athlete, I know the importance of implementing proper corrective exercises to help strengthen injuries and/or muscular dysfunction to help you get back to the things you want to do! I use a combination of functional and strength training to help you improve your overall health and fitness for the long term. Whether you are new to fitness, recovering from an injury or just looking to push yourself to the next level, I am eager to help you start your fitness journey correctly and effectively!