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As cliche as it might sound, fitness saved my life. I got into fitness because growing up I was always heavier, I never had confidence, and I missed out on so many childhood opportunities. During middle school, I was 4’9 and 150lbs and I got into the wrong crowds trying to fit in anywhere I could. As soon as I hit high school, I was lost and felt like I did not fit in anywhere. I knew that I did not want to go 4 years feeling like I wasn’t in control. I wanted to make new friends and get active. I decided I needed to be apart of a team sport and that summer I prepped myself to tryout for the volleyball team. That is when I hired my first personal trainer. I put in the work day in and day out and even though I was focused on making the team, the weight came off. When tryouts came, I made the team alongside girls who had been playing since they were little. It was a revolutionary moment for me.  I realized my reality was at the palm of my hands. People started praising me for my hard work which became an addiction for me, the results being the payoff. From there the rest was history. I fell in love with the challenge of bettering myself. This carried on all through high school and as soon as I graduated I became a personal trainer. I devoted my life to fitness because I knew that if I did not make the decision to start working on me, then I’d lose control of myself completely. I grew a confidence in myself I never knew was there. My clients became my motivation, to be better and do better. I became apart of a community that was not just about looking a certain way, but being a certain way – setting an example that I felt was an honor to set. My clients become my friends because I build trust and I’m there for them throughout every step of their fitness journey. My job is to not just change a body but to change their lifestyle into a healthy one, and that starts first with the relationships with themselves. Keeping promises that they made not only to themselves but to me! I show my clients that anything is possible if they just trust in me and the process. I am a huge advocate of having fun! I’ll make you run, I’ll make you squat, I’ll do whatever it takes to get you to your fitness goals. But As much fun as we have I always mean business and I’ll get you to achieve your greatness all the while enjoying every second of it!

Sarah Valdes
Certified Personal Trainer