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February 1, 2019

Largo, FL

FACILITY: 2480 E Bay Dr #26 Largo, FL 33771



Who Are We Looking For?

You do not need to be in good shape to start. This program is designed for beginners!

  • We are looking for people that want to make a long-lasting change in their life!

  • You must be willing to dedicate time to come to our facility a few times per week!
  • You must be willing to take before and after photos to document your success!

  • Sorry Ladies, this one’s for MEN ONLY!
  • You must commit to the ENTIRE PROGRAM. We need people who will be here til the end to reap the benefits of all this hard work.

  • You must have the discipline to apply our nutrition plans. Our programs are designed to work if you apply it!

  • You must have positive energy and willing to work hard to achieve GREAT results!
  • You must be committed to making this LIFE change! This will not work if the coaches want to see you reach your goals more than you do!
  • You must leave your ego at home. This is a place where HARD WORK is respected. It is a humbling experience that we’ve all been through.
  • This is not a “biggest loser” type challenge. Not everybody will be coming in with the goal of weight loss. All transformations are welcome.
  • This is a once in a lifetime experience. If you get through this challenge, the benefits will carry over to other areas in your life!


By providing us with a few details, we’ll get a better understanding of your needs and make sure you’re the right fit for this challenge.

What's your #1 concern about this fitness challenge?
Are you comfortable working out around others without ego or judgement?
How likely are you to quit?