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The Biggest 2018 Summer Fitness Trends

//The Biggest 2018 Summer Fitness Trends

The Biggest 2018 Summer Fitness Trends

Now that summer 2018 is almost over, it’s time to take stock of the season’s fitness trends. What were people focused on in the fitness world? These are a few of the trends that captured people’s attention in 2018.

High-Intensity Interval Training

High-Intensity interval training, or HIIT for short, was hugely popular this summer. This style of training has been recommended by professional trainers for several years, but this summer, it started to catch steam with the general public.

So what is HIIT? It involves working out at a very high intensity for a window of time before slowing things back down. The workout goes back and forth between intense exercising and rest intervals. Even though these workouts are usually fairly short — a lot of them clock it under 30 minutes — they’re extremely productive. They’re also beginner friendly. People that are just starting to work out can stick to longer rest periods at first.

Group Training

Instead of working out on their own, or even with a buddy, a lot of people are starting to work out with larger groups. Exercising in a group is a great way to make yourself accountable. When you see the other members of your group working hard, you’ll want to work hard too.

Some group training takes place in classes. Other groups simply schedule workout times together. If you have a lot of friends that want to get into shape, group training is something that you should consider.

Working With Certified Professionals

A lot of people aren’t working out on their own anymore. Instead, they’re working with some sort of certified professional. Whether people choose to work with trainers or another professional, working with someone that really knows what they’re doing can be very helpful.

Working with an expert is a lot more affordable than it used to be. Because so many people are interested in fitness, there are plenty of professionals with affordable rates. A lot of gyms even offer special deals so that people can try working with a trainer.

Functional Fitness

In 2018, not everyone that worked out was focused on losing weight or building muscles. Instead, a lot of people were focused on something called “functional fitness.” This is a type of fitness that is focused on improving balance, flexibility, and coordination. The idea is to make you more functional in your day-to-day life.

A lot of popular exercises fall under the functional fitness umbrella. For example, squats are in most of these workout routines. If you want to be able to lift and carry boxes without issue, or if you’d like to reduce your risk of slips and falls, this fitness trend is something that you want to check out.

It’s important to keep an eye on fitness trends if you want to get into better shape. While not every trend is going to work for every person, certain trends might help you to achieve your fitness goals. The biggest summer 2018 trends are research-based, and they’ve helped a lot of people improve their fitness levels.

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